3D PrototypE Project

One Week, Individual, Winter 2015


Bart Simpson Inspired Cookie Cutters


Develop the ability to create 3D models for prototyping physical objects at medium to high fidelity.


123D Design
MakerBot 3D Printer


For our 3D modeling and printing assignment, I really wanted to make Simpsons cookie cutters. I thought a cookie cutter might be challenging yet do-able for a novice, and also something I could actually use after printing. My plan was to finish the design(s) by Wednesday, print Wednesday night, and use the cutters to bake cookies Thursday night to bring to studio on Friday.


I began my mission by researching similar cookie cutters on the market. I examined which parts needed to extrude further out than others, while ensuring my idea was in fact possible—I studied a similar Star Wars product as my main example.

The next step in my design process was to spend some time looking through Simpsons pictures I’d collected over the years, watch an episode or two, and of course wear my Bart Simpson leggings, all for inspiration and to get in the right frame of mind for designing and modeling the cookie cutters.

After sketching some design ideas, I began experimenting with the program suggested in class: 123D Design. I first worked on a Bart Simpson face cut out, and had a lot of difficulty successfully creating the different curves and small details. I tried uploading a .svg file from Adobe Illustrator, but was unable to extrude lines in the program.

I was eventually able to draw the entire outline of Bart’s face, extrude the whole object, and then use the shell tool to create the hollow center necessary for a cookie cutting tool. I then hand-drew the smile using the spline tool, extruded it, drew small circles for the eyes, and, eventually, I had finished my Bart Simpson cookie cutter design.

Although 123D Design was relatively easy to learn and work with, I still wanted to explore a second program for additional practice and potential future use. I had heard good things about SketchUp, so I tried it out for my second design. Due to time and printer constraints,  I decided to make a simpler design for my second cookie cutter. My first thought was to design a pair of shorts, so users could quote Bart’s classic, “Eat my shorts!” tagline upon enjoying, but decided on a heart-shaped valentine design with the words “EAT MY SHORTS” printed in the recognizable Simpsons font—Akbar—instead.

So far my Bart Simpson cookies have been a huge success—perhaps I'll start a small Etsy shop to share the Simpsons Love. <3