We've discussed many possible project ideas for the Design as Inquiry / Movement through Public Life DRG and, unfortunately, my favorite is not going to be pursued: I love the idea of accessing the Craigslist API and creatively visualizing the most commonly sold items in each neighborhood! 

Unfortunately, the API isn't public, so we'd have to illegally scrape it; the group doesn't deem the idea worthy of risking a cease and desist order, but perhaps it would be a fun personal project to pursue in my free time?

The group does however support my love of neighborhoods (shout out to silver lake + echo park!) so we will be moving forward with some sort of neighborhood-centric project. We spent Monday afternoon overcoming OAuth difficulties and pulling data from the Yelp API:

As well as brainstorming design ideas about how we might visualize the data we pulled:

We're still in the earliest stages of project ideation, but I have the utmost faith that we'll come up with something awesome to pursue.