final project ideation

Garrick, Chris and I have teamed up for our Prototyping Studio final project; our idea is to create some sort of drum machine with a visual component.

This weekend we met up to brainstorm. I opened up my fancy new Touch Board and, with the help of electric paint, made my first ever musical instrument. 

While an incredibly rad sensor to work with, electric paint is merely touch and motion sensitive, and not sensitive to pressure, a necessity for any decent drum machine.

While waiting on the other sensors to be delivered, we continued the ideation process. We tossed around all sorts of ideas from bubble machines (with bubble size correlating to intensity of drumming), to LED light displays and everything in between, before deciding on our first official idea: a cajon that, when played, paints a picture by either setting off cans of spray paint in a rotating device (the piece of paper rotating around the cans of paint), or a design inspired by old school spin art. This would not only be fun to play, but also interesting to watch, and would allow users to walk away with a piece of art created by their music.